Psalm 92: The Good Life

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The good life … what is it, really?

Is it having what we want when we want it? Is it being the best with the most above and beyond everyone else? Is it spectacular, never-before accomplished feats in human history that somehow set us apart from the average human being? It seems that simply getting ahead of the human race in some form or fashion garners the prize.

But with all our achievements, accolades, and acquisitions, are we genuinely fulfilled? Can we sit back and authentically rest in peace? How much satisfaction can actually be had by surpassing our fellow man? And what about the day when our fellow man surpasses us?

Isn’t it far more stunning that our Creator, despite our frailty and fruitless rebellion, extends infinite grace and mercy to us? Doesn’t it bend our minds to think of a world, a galaxy, a universe perfectly designed to sustain a breath, a heartbeat, and a meaningful existence; quite apart from our performance?

What better way to dwell in this world than in the wonder of His works on our behalf.

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Psalm 91: Refuge

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What in this broken world do you most fear?

We don’t have to look far or long to find ominous reminders that much in our little corner of the universe isn’t right … natural disaster, poverty, corruption, terrorism, disease, betrayal, humiliation, injustice and death. All of it comes with a cost we hope never comes due at our address.

Is there such a thing as a “safe place?” Can our trembling hearts find refuge in the face of the unknown? Yes!

When our fear finds faith anchored in the faithfulness of God, we are delivered – sometimes immediately and always eventually – from all that threatens to undo us. Our heavenly Father is our fortress and the vast bulwark of His love surrounding us is impenetrable.

We will undoubtedly suffer loss in this life. But none of it will be outside of God’s sovereign care nor beyond His good intentions. He is our hope and He alone can turn our mourning into dancing with promises of ultimate protection.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19

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Psalm 90: Our Moment

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Let this sink in.

Your life, as full and busy and chaotic and entertaining and timeless as it seems; it truly is just a blink of the eye. Think of it like a breath. There’s eternity … and then there’s your moment; your speck of time in all of time.

As miniscule as that moment is, it is gigantically valuable; monumentally significant. Each day matters not only for that day, but forever. Seriously, forever. What you do with it, what you make of it, how you invest it, the purpose for which you live it is a REALLY BIG DEAL!

Waywardness is wearisome. Complacency is costly. Rebellion against the Creator of all things can only lead to deep regret. Perhaps you’ve already tasted some of that.

Our days were given us by God to treasure; like freshly cut flowers from a doting husband. And yet, they are so easily squandered. Oh that we would grow to appreciate the vast potential waiting to be realized every time the sun rises on our “moment” in history. I have a hunch it would change our lives for the better.

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