Psalm 98: Let’s Make Some Noise!

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I’ve been caught up in it before. You know, when witnessing greatness of some kind.

We all like it when we’re on the winning side of things, but I’m talking about something far bigger. I’m talking about such greatness that one is ecstatic to have simply been in the moment when the moment became history.

There is this roar; raw elation that erupts when we behold the unthinkable, the Cinderella story, the unbreakable record broken, the performance of a lifetime, that rare occasion so pregnant with magnificence, we are driven to our feet by sheer reflex.

I have to wonder, how often am I moved to such heights as I encounter my God? If He isn’t magnificent – beyond the full extent of my imagination – who is?

His scandalous love of sinful rebels is beyond compare. He has overcome unspeakable odds to rescue a remnant of the most unlikely of characters, even me. He has done for us what we could never do for ourselves, and He is far from finished. He will make all things new. All that was marred by the deadly consequences of Adam’s fall will be as it first was … “Good.”

How am I not perpetually driven to song and shouts at the greatness of our God? He is most assuredly worthy of praise; all the noise a redeemed people can make.

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