Psalm 96: Starstruck

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Legendary … What person, place or thing leaps to the front of your mind when you read that word?

Is it an artist? An athlete? A world leader or an intellectual giant? How about a majestic mountain range or white sands and an aqua-blue ocean front? Perhaps it’s a wonder of the world or just a wonderful world that garners the attention of all its inhabitants.

Whatever or whomever we deem legendary, we will honor, we will celebrate, we will revere and we will ultimately worship. It’s hard-wired in us. We were made to worship.

Think about it. None of us have to be taught to “sing the praises” of the exceptional; we do it as naturally as breathing. Watch those who seek audience with or an autograph from a celebrity … shortness of breath, nervous laugh, excessive accolades; starstruck.

We are less of who we were made to be when we laud as supreme the talents of mere mortals, while matchless splendor envelopes the One who fashioned those mortals and granted them life.

Fix your gaze on the breathtaking beauty of God, and you will sing along with heaven and earth, “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!”

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