Psalm 95: The Best of the Best

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Why settle for anything less than the best? Isn’t that the question advertisers incessantly pose like a battering ram to our hearts and minds? Shoot for the stars! Go for the gusto! Only the best will do!

As cliché as those lines sound, they resonate in us. We naturally marvel at the wonders of this world and cherish all that might be at the top of the heap when the latest standings are published. We instinctively appreciate the finer things of life, and will go to great lengths to have those things for ourselves.

So, if it’s “nothing but the best,” why do we aim ultimate adoration at anything less than God? Why would we ever concede to worship anything or anyone lesser than the highest, greatest, most magnificent of beings?

Why would we not make the most of the One who is responsible for making us?

God truly is the best of the best! The King of kings … the Lord of lords. To honor Him is homage paid to the only One who is actually worthy of such esteem. All will one day bend their knee to Him; some gladly, some out of nothing more than obligation, but all will kneel.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

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