Psalm 94: Power Trip

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When power intoxicates the hearts and minds of those who can push others around, they push, but to their own peril. It truly doesn’t seem so in the moment, but you reap what you sow.

Unwittingly, the mighty treat the weak and less fortunate like tools instead of cherishing them as priceless treasure, all under the watchful eye of the One who calls them beloved. They mistake the gifts afforded them for the sake of benevolence (by the One who Owns all things) as perks to which they are entitled, perhaps even owed, as a result of self-proclaimed greatness.

Woe to those who recklessly throw their weight around to their own advantage. They serve themselves to their own demise. Be advised, it’s only a matter of time till those who persecute feel the brunt of retribution.

To the downtrodden and oppressed, know this … God sees, God knows, God cares and He will deliver all who run to Him for refuge.

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