Psalm 93: Trendy

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Fashion is all the rage in the era of its hottest designers, but eventually every style is swept into history by a new look.

Architecture has stunned humanity for thousands of years, but new materials and fresh configurations make the creations of the past impressive but outdated.

We have marveled at technology in every age, but all that was cutting edge at one point in time eventually becomes archaic in the wave of new discoveries.

All of our creations, though inspiring to mere mortals, only gains us a glimpse of the one and only Creator’s magnificence. His spectacular attributes are unrivaled by brilliant but finite conceptions of us image bearers.

All that we make is trendy; All that He is is timeless. The quality of God’s character is infinite and unsurpassed by anything and everything He has made. Our greatest achievements are but a whispered testimony to what He brought into existence with a word.

May all that our hands fashion direct our gaze to the One who never will go out of style.

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