Psalm 92: The Good Life

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The good life … what is it, really?

Is it having what we want when we want it? Is it being the best with the most above and beyond everyone else? Is it spectacular, never-before accomplished feats in human history that somehow set us apart from the average human being? It seems that simply getting ahead of the human race in some form or fashion garners the prize.

But with all our achievements, accolades, and acquisitions, are we genuinely fulfilled? Can we sit back and authentically rest in peace? How much satisfaction can actually be had by surpassing our fellow man? And what about the day when our fellow man surpasses us?

Isn’t it far more stunning that our Creator, despite our frailty and fruitless rebellion, extends infinite grace and mercy to us? Doesn’t it bend our minds to think of a world, a galaxy, a universe perfectly designed to sustain a breath, a heartbeat, and a meaningful existence; quite apart from our performance?

What better way to dwell in this world than in the wonder of His works on our behalf.

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