Psalm 89: Bad

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Bad days, bad deals, bad news, bad breaks … bad things happen to all kinds of people (not just “bad” ones) all around the world. Assurance is truly nowhere to be found among the circumstances of everyday life. They’re just too sketchy! Good fortune can go south in a heartbeat; no warning, no mercy, just a handful of awful cards dealt that must be played.

We live in a world of uncertainty, plagued by endless waves of incidences we cannot control. A broken world will break your heart without the least bit of remorse. Whether it is the chaos of nature, or the chaotic nature of sin-sick people, great pain can be inflicted without rhyme or reason.

To what or whom can we turn?

There is a story, as old as time itself, of One who spoke everything into existence. And even when His image-bearers turned to go their own way, He unveiled a plan made in eternity past for ultimately overcoming all that is evil with all that is good.

He is relentlessly fulfilling that plan, and cannot be thwarted. He isn’t the least bit threatened by what we know as unforeseen; He’s seen it all. He is, if nothing else, and certainly nothing less than faithful … faithful to Himself, faithful to His promises and faithful to His people; despite what circumstances may suggest.

While it is tempting to chase after fleeting moments of relief, or to lose heart in a sea of despair, where better to remain than in the refuge of God’s steadfast love. “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of [His] throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before [Him].” (Psalm 89:14, ESV)


  1. Excellent words Monty…He is truly worthy of our trust 24/7!

  2. Thank you Monty. That is a much needed post!!!

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