Psalm 87: Hometown

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New-JerusalemGreat cities dot our planet; testimonies to the ingenuity of their founders, architects, engineers and artisans. Oh, how hearts swell with pride when gazing upon mountains of bricks, mortar, steel and glass … crafted by human hands.

What of the city God calls home? He could have settled anywhere, but He chose the hill country of Palestine, a place He affectionately refers to as Zion.

Residency there isn’t about what you own, but rather Who you know. Birth certificates are issued only to those who have been born again (John 3:1-21).

One day, all of humanity – the living and dead – will marvel at this wonder of the world. Some will see it from outside its walls and despair. Others will celebrate from within, having been adopted into the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God (Hebrews 11:10, ESV).

So, where are you from?

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