Psalm 86: Coming Clean

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“I need … I need … I neeeeed!”

I know it’s the truth about me! But it just seems so pathetic in my heart and mind as a recovering maverick who has taken enormous pride in self-sufficiency. I’m a survivor; a get-r-done-r; and honestly find it difficult to abandon myself to the care of another.

I’ve got needs, I just don’t naturally share them with anyone.

So prayer can feel more like an obligation than a necessity. I can, on the one hand, “let my requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6), and on the other, conceive all my contingencies just in case God doesn’t come through. Saying prayers isn’t the same as praying with faith.

I don’t doubt that God CAN come through. I believe He possesses unlimited power and has all of creation at His disposal. My doubts are more about whether or not God WANTS to. And, of course, I have a particular idea of what it would look like if he did.

I hate to admit it, but it looks like I have a lot more to pray about than daily bread.

I desperately need to confess my utter dependence upon God for all things. I also need to rehearse the faithfulness of God to always give me what I need to do what He has called me to do. In that sense, prayer is less about what I need God to do, and more about who I know Him to be.

Letting my requests be made known to God, then, isn’t rolling out my list of demands, but rather my declaration of faith that because of who God is, I can trust in Him. This doesn’t mean He must do what I ask; but He will always do what is best for me.

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