Psalm 85: Time Out

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Ever wonder what that dejected toddler in the corner is actually thinking about? The scowl and tears betray feelings of injustice. “Time out” is a heartbreaking place to be … no talking, no playing, no roaming … only thinking.

But it can be a place of mending.

Isn’t that what time outs are all about? They are the consequences for disobedience, for sure, but they aren’t purely punitive; or at least they don’t have to be. A time out can be a precious opportunity for reflection, repentance and renewal. Time – constructively invested – has a curious way of reforming an attitude that is deformed.

When I find myself in the corner, I’ve got life-changing, life-giving truths to ponder.

God has a long track record of restoration. It is only His goodness that yields any good in me, so where better to go than to his throne of grace. Peace with God is as good as His unfaltering word; I need only ask for it. At the end of the day, His scandalous, steadfast love is far more stubborn than my wandering heart.

Alright. Time’s up. How about let’s give it another try!

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