Psalm 82: Elevate

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Words and deeds lay dormant in us, awaiting our command. Will they be dispatched with kind intentions? Or to keep others under the weight of weakness.

What power we have! Yes, we are all fragile, mortal, and finite in every way; but endowed with immense potential for influence in each other’s lives. And certainly, some have more ability than others. Those of worldly privilege can easily wreck or relieve the lives of those less fortunate.

Is there a more beautiful display of raw power than when it is exercised on behalf of the powerless? We’re inspired by any who endeavor to use their high position to esteem and elevate the downtrodden, instead of trampling them into further misery.

What might inspire benevolence in the hearts of those able to extend it? Ideally, empathy and compassion would govern the intentions of potential benefactors. But where that is lacking, the greatest among us should remember there is still One greater … One who brings good news to the poor; binds up the brokenhearted; proclaims liberty to captives and comfort to all who mourn (Isaiah 61:1-2)

It is to Him we will all answer … He who has no peer, no equal. He who is the origin of power and the One who entrusts it to earthly stewards, expecting they will use it with the kindest of intent.

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