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My response to Psalm 81

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I first wrote my thought journal response to Psalm 81 almost three years ago. Now, as I’m making my way through the second 50 (of 150) psalms – in my “Say So” project – I’m linking to that post . I truly believe there is just about nothing we could ever do that will transform us for the better than dwell attentively within all that God has to say through His creation, His word, and His Spirit. May all that He says be a light to our path.



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Psalm 80: Willing

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There are moments; precious moments when I am as lucid about my sin as I can be. My transgressions stand in complete contradiction to my worth as an image bearer of God. Disobedience, rebellion, defiance (or any other moniker for sin) is completely irrational given the infinite loving-kindness I have been mercifully shown by my Holy Creator. In those moments, I see sin for the dead-end it truly is.

My excuses, my justifications, my dismissals and denials are all exposed for the cheap, hallow attempts at dodging guilt they most certainly are.

My longing to be renewed, re-made, re-aligned – restored – reaches a fever pitch.

It is in those moments that I am most ready to have God be God in my life. I am far more interested in His will than I am in my own. I cling to His intentions for me which I first grasped when I first entrusted my life to Him.

It is in those moments I am willing to be changed; saved from the consequences of my best apart from God.

I’m so grateful He will have me despite my foolish heart.

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