Psalm 74: Daddy Knows

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Hardship isn’t funny. I guess that goes without saying.

But it’s a little funny that we tout God’s omniscience (He knows everything there is to know) in good times, then lament to Him the wreckage we’re enduring in hard times, as if He might have missed something.

Take heart, Daddy knows.

Neither the complexity of our lives, nor the enormity of our trials – multiplied exponentially by the billions of people walking the planet – is the slightest challenge for our heavenly Father. Unlike our earthly dads, He is never overwhelmed. He is never over-committed. He is never out of His depth.

Our Creator has an infinite capacity for knowing every detail of all that He has made, and causing all of it to fulfill His redemptive plan perfectly.

We expend enormous energy pleading with God to change our circumstances, and so little pursuing the change our circumstances might yield in us.

If we truly are “Daddy’s workmanship” (Ephesians 2:10) – a masterpiece crafted for the express purpose of declaring His glory and goodness – then our circumstances are an essential ingredient of our formation. To avoid them would be to miss an aspect of the grand artistry our Maker will one day put on display.

When life is crashing in and doubt threatens to put you down … take heart, Daddy knows.

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  1. Complete submission to our Father’s will, while not possible without stumbling at times because we are human, is His desire for our heart. Grace is what completes this circle. His will for our lives puts the “puzzle picture” of His creation together. Thank you for this reminder Monty!

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