Psalm 72: Wise Power

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Apart from love (which we’re all called to display), what better adorns a king, a president, a CEO, a pastor or a parent in their unique leadership role than wisdom?

Some might say charisma, decisiveness, eloquence, benevolence; all of which are good and necessary. But what informs and activates those qualities? What does a leader need if he or she is to set a course for a destination that those who follow would relish and appreciate?

King Solomon, after assuming the throne of Israel during an era of immense prosperity, was invited by the Lord to ask for anything (1 Kings 3:5–14, 2 Chronicles 1:7–12). It turns out, wisdom was at the top of his list.

The Lord granted Solomon’s request, and then some!

What is the essence of wisdom, but the fear of the Lord? (Proverbs 1:7; 15:33) And what is the fear of the Lord, but humble submission to the One who ultimately places individuals in position of authority? (Romans 13:1; Proverbs 8:12-16)

The best leaders are model followers of the One True King.

Power that is given to any is granted for the good of the many. Those who have it would do well to plead with the Giver for His enablement; that they might gracefully exercise their power in such a way that even the least of these are blessed.

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