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Psalm 74: Daddy Knows

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Hardship isn’t funny. I guess that goes without saying.

But it’s a little funny that we tout God’s omniscience (He knows everything there is to know) in good times, then lament to Him the wreckage we’re enduring in hard times, as if He might have missed something.

Take heart, Daddy knows.

Neither the complexity of our lives, nor the enormity of our trials – multiplied exponentially by the billions of people walking the planet – is the slightest challenge for our heavenly Father. Unlike our earthly dads, He is never overwhelmed. He is never over-committed. He is never out of His depth.

Our Creator has an infinite capacity for knowing every detail of all that He has made, and causing all of it to fulfill His redemptive plan perfectly.

We expend enormous energy pleading with God to change our circumstances, and so little pursuing the change our circumstances might yield in us.

If we truly are “Daddy’s workmanship” (Ephesians 2:10) – a masterpiece crafted for the express purpose of declaring His glory and goodness – then our circumstances are an essential ingredient of our formation. To avoid them would be to miss an aspect of the grand artistry our Maker will one day put on display.

When life is crashing in and doubt threatens to put you down … take heart, Daddy knows.

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Psalm 73: What Good Is God?

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“What good is God if He doesn’t make our lives easier, more comfortable, less painful, more pleasurable, less unpredictable or more prosperous?” Great question if the best God can give us is an easy life.

But what if we need more than that? Far more.

What if our greatest affliction isn’t a lack of worldly extravagance? What if every human being takes his/her first breath as a spiritual orphan; fatherless and isolated from One whose image we all bear?

And what if our Creator, despite our dismal and defiant attempts at significance, security and satisfaction, sought us out and saved us from self-destruction? What if He graciously did for us what we could never do for ourselves; a costly rescue from a debt we could never repay?

And what if, through the sheer kindness of our Savior, we were given a seat at the Father’s table? What if we gained unhindered access to intimacy this world will never know in its ravenous quest for connection?

I suspect the world’s offerings would lose their luster. Our opinion of those who “gain the world and lose their soul” (Mark 8:36) would shift from envy to compassion. Surely, the prevailing posture of our heart would shift from discontent to gratitude and peace.

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Psalm 72: Wise Power

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Apart from love (which we’re all called to display), what better adorns a king, a president, a CEO, a pastor or a parent in their unique leadership role than wisdom?

Some might say charisma, decisiveness, eloquence, benevolence; all of which are good and necessary. But what informs and activates those qualities? What does a leader need if he or she is to set a course for a destination that those who follow would relish and appreciate?

King Solomon, after assuming the throne of Israel during an era of immense prosperity, was invited by the Lord to ask for anything (1 Kings 3:5–14, 2 Chronicles 1:7–12). It turns out, wisdom was at the top of his list.

The Lord granted Solomon’s request, and then some!

What is the essence of wisdom, but the fear of the Lord? (Proverbs 1:7; 15:33) And what is the fear of the Lord, but humble submission to the One who ultimately places individuals in position of authority? (Romans 13:1; Proverbs 8:12-16)

The best leaders are model followers of the One True King.

Power that is given to any is granted for the good of the many. Those who have it would do well to plead with the Giver for His enablement; that they might gracefully exercise their power in such a way that even the least of these are blessed.

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