Psalm 70: Right On Time

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It isn’t surprising, but I don’t know anyone who prays for God to hurry up with whatever is next while in a moment of prosperity, security, and/or significance. Who wants to move on from the pinnacles of life? Our instinct is to savor those seasons. We might even go so far as to ask God to hold off on what’s next, kind of like giving a butler the day off, especially if what’s next diminishes the now we’re enjoying.

When, however, our world is coming undone … were all about wrappin up and movin on! “NEXT!” Predictably, our prayers spike in frequency and urgency. “I need help, and I need it NOW!”

But God is no butler. He is no genie in a bottle. He is a Master Craftsman busily and thoroughly completing a good work in each of us (Philippians 1:6; Ephesians 2:10). So devoted to our re-formation, God uses each and every moment – difficult and delightful – to cultivate good in our character which will outlast any and every circumstance from which it was borne (Romans 8:28-29), however much time may be required.

We’re urged countless times to bring our requests to God, and we should do so, confident that He hears and He cares. But it is well worth our time to consider what exactly we want most. There is nothing wrong with asking for relief, deliverance or favor in hard times; but it helps me to remember that the time which passes before my circumstances improve is never wasted. God does some of His best work when life is most cruel.

Our highest aim, then, is the workmanship of Christ in us, in both good times and bad. I’m grateful for the good, but don’t want to begrudge the bad. Rather, I want to give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Many times in days gone by, I’ve pleaded with God to follow my schedule; to get on my calendar. In hindsight, I’ve found His timing to be flawless. Having to wait has never proven to be unfruitful in terms of my personal growth. I still instinctively pray for “timely” action on God’s part, but those requests are more often accompanied by a growing contentment with the life-changing pace of His work in me.

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  1. So grateful for your post. A sweet reminder that His mercies never fail. They are new every morning. In that I will be thankful.

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