Psalm 66: Bread

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I love to tell my story.

I love it not because it sheds light on my abilities, my accomplishments, or my importance. I’m no more special than any other human being; just another beating heart with feet of clay.

My story is a joy to tell because it magnifies my Maker, my Savior, my Master, and my Friend.

He found me wandering in the ways of the world, destined for nothing more than death. He took me in, gave me His name, and set my feet on a path destined for nothing less than life.

God is mending my brokenness, redeeming by regrettable past, correcting my defiance, and nurturing the gifts He knit in me from the womb. And if that weren’t enough, He has granted me a future I could never attain on my own.

My story matters only because it is a passage from a far grander tale; a story of the one and only Almighty stooping to lavishly love the least of these, among whom I am counted.  I am, as the saying goes, one beggar telling others like me where to find bread.

I love to tell my story … a journey through the valley of the shadow of death destined for ultimate arrival in the presence of the King who alone is worthy of glorious praise.

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