Psalm 60: The Agony of Defeat

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I don’t like to lose and I haven’t come across many people who do. Yes, some of us are more competitive than others; and the “game” we’re playing should probably dictate the seriousness involved. But generally speaking, if every time we faced off with an opponent we were given the choice, I’m guessing most would take victory over defeat.

But losing is a fact of life. No one wins all the time. Everyone has had or will have an “L” on their stat sheet. So what do we do when faced with loss?

Without glossing over the pain of defeat, it can actually be a great gift. Seriously! There are lessons learned in loss that truly cannot be understood any other way. If we can set our gaze beyond the empty spot in our trophy case, there is meaningful potential for long-term gain. That gain, however, is contingent upon our posture.

To a tender, teachable heart, defeat offers humility, correction, endurance, wisdom, repentance, understanding, and growth of all kinds. To a hard heart, loss produces bitterness and resentment … not only toward victors, but especially toward God.

In the crisis of losing, the greatest of gains is a deeper dependence upon God; a hunger and appreciation for the refining work He longs to do which winning alone would never accomplish.

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