Psalm 53: Misplaced Accolades

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Brilliant! Ingenious! Unusually Insightful!

It is accolades like these that are showered upon finite human beings determined to establish, despite all evidence to the contrary, that God does not in fact exist.

God calls it “foolish” … a painful accusation against our glowing reviews. *READ PSALM 53!

Humanity has always been easily impressed with what it discovers while dim to what has been revealed by the One who spoke all things into being. How foolish indeed we are to pat ourselves on the back while withholding honor and praise from our Maker.

What a shock when the veil over God’s full glory is pulled back, every knee bowed and every tongue confessing His splendor. We would do well to render to Him the praise He is due now before we stand in His presence to give an account.

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