Crowded Loneliness

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Isn’t it strange … we’re more connected than at any other time in history, yet generally more isolated than at any other time in history.

london-1018629_1280Culturally, we’re a mass of lonely people naturally drifting apart … The Loneliness Epidemic, blogger Seth Godin (April, 2013); Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam (2000)

Often our response to pain of this kind is to seek RELIEF … something or someone that temporarily pleases the senses (commonly illegitimate counterfeits), thereby dulling the pain.

“Pain Relievers” provide an experience of EXHILERATION. What’s your drug of choice?

  • Danger/Risk (adrenaline)
  • Sensual Indulgence (5 senses)
  • Mood-altering substances (drugs or alcohol)
  • Virtual Reality (fantasy-land)

Pain relievers are pain DECEIVERS … When we seek to mask the pain of loneliness, we fail to experience the sufficiency of God’s grace given to help in our time of need (Hebrews 4:16); and we diminish the actual brokenness that comes with living in a sin-wrecked world. No amount of worldly distractions changes the reality sin’s curse (Gen 3).

“The heart of the wise is in a house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in a house of pleasure.” (Ecclesiastes 7:4)

When loneliness comes, we have a choice … Relief? Or Renewal?

The goal in our loneliness, then, isn’t to dull the pain, but to engage our relational need and God’s comforting presence (available to us in His word, His Spirit and His people).

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