Psalm 8: Search for Significance

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Credit: Image by Nit Soto on Flickr. Some rights reserved

I’ve heard that one of our greatest needs in life is to matter; to know that we are somehow significant. I get that, feel that, see that on a regular basis.

That craving, if not fed with truth leads to a couple of bad endings … self-importance (an exaggeration) or self-contempt (an underestimation). Both conclusions are rooted in an attempt to find our significance in our own achievements. We assume we matter if we can point to something about us the world seems to value, and we assume we don’t if we can’t.

How strange that we would set our sights below the wonder of being made in the image of God. What could be more significant than being fashioned by the heart of God? Loved, animated, empowered, esteemed before having ever accomplished anything. Absolutely stunning really!

Our value isn’t at all based upon the majesty we conjure, but upon the majesty of our Maker. It’s amazing and assuring that One so grand would give us a second thought!

*excerpt from Say So: A heart-to-heart with God in the Psalms

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