Psalm 85: Time Out

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sad boyEver wonder what that dejected toddler in the corner is actually thinking about? The scowl and tears betray feelings of injustice. “Time out” is a heartbreaking place to be … no talking, no playing, no roaming … only thinking.

But it can be a place of mending.

Isn’t that what time outs are all about? Precious opportunity for reflection, repentance and renewal? Time – constructively invested – has a curious way of reforming an attitude that is deformed.

When I find myself in the corner, I’ve got life-changing, life-giving truths to ponder.

God has a long track record of restoration. His scandalous steadfast love is far more stubborn than my wandering heart. Peace with God is as good as His unfaltering word; I need only ask for it. It is only God’s goodness that yields any good at all in me.

Alright. Time’s up. How about let’s give it another try!


Photo: horrigans / Foter / CC BY-NC

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