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IMG_0523Taking a healthy pause to reflect on our Creator is like balm to a chafed soul. Do yourself a favor and practice a little Psalm soul-care by reading Say So; filled with insightful discoveries of a living and loving God. – Mark Crull, Executive Pastor at Northview Church, Author of Disciple2

In a world filled with so much noise, it’s so necessary to be still and reflect on the greatness of God. This book is a great companion in our quest to encourage our hearts with God’s love. – Derek Minor, Hip Hop artist,  co-founder of Reflection Music Group

Do you long for a deeper relationship with God but aren’t sure where to begin? Start here and let a seasoned pastor and fellow traveler guide you into the Psalms and closer to the heart of your Heavenly Father. With vulnerability, wisdom, and passion Monty Waldron will help you engage God’s Word in a fresh way in these hope-filled pages. – Jonathan Morrow, Speaker & Author of  Questioning the Bible: 11 Major Challenges to the Bible’s Authority, Founder of ThinkChristianly.org

God has revealed so much of Himself in the beauty and raw truth of the Psalms. Struggle, heartache, joy, disappointment, hurt, delight…the human condition in a fallen world pours out of the pens of the God-inspired writers of this book of poetry and worship. The truth-filled chapters of Say So consistently shine a light on these inspired words and have challenged, confronted, comforted and encouraged me to explore more deeply my own heart and the heart of my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for my friend, Monty Waldron and for his labor of love in writing this book. – Phil Herndon, co-author of Voice of the Heart Workbook

Monty examines the Word of God with the mind of a scholar and a poet. His words about these passages are as approachable as a conversation over coffee–authentic and transparent about the struggles that we share with the authors of these relevant texts that ultimately point to a risen Savior. –David Stevenson, Singer/Songwriter with Manic Bloom

Throughout the last 10 years of church planting and church growing, there has been a steady hand of integrity and friendship in my life. His name is Monty Waldron!  I am a better Christ follower, pastor, husband, father and friend because God has graced my life and ministry with him. His reflections on the Psalms are simply an extension of the life I’ve seen first hand. Enjoy! – Jeff Patton, Teaching Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church and FamilyLife Weekend to Remember conference speaker


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