Psalm 41: Spiritual Life Support

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I learned at a very young age to be a survivor. I sought to assert myself as strong, assured, and invincible against all manner of attack. Humanity marvels at the self-made.

Later I learned that I’m on spiritual life support and I have an adversary (along with every person) who knows my vulnerabilities. He finds great satisfaction in exploiting my frailty. He takes pleasure in accusing me of my inability to advance without aid.

praying handsWhile helpless in and of myself, I am not without hope.

I am sustained by the strength of Another, the Lord who made me in His image. He alone is able to heal my broken heart. He alone can restore my feeble will to walk well. He alone is able to steady my hands for the good fight.

It is only because of Him, the author and perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:2), I will survive the onslaught of my enemy.

How has God strengthened, sustained or healed your broken heart?

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