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In a day when tolerance is touted as chief among virtues, yet often practiced with hardly any resemblance to the original intent of the word, our church has launched into the New Testament book of Romans … equally offensive to ancient and contemporary sensibilities (intolerant you might say). Were Paul alive today, he would very likely be labeled abrasive and out of touch.

Romans is without a doubt the most comprehensive of Paul’s letters, and arguably  among the most deflating to the human ego. it is brimming with hope, but ruthlessly opposed to self-reliance and performance-based religion. Additionally, Paul wrote at a time when Roman culture was the furthest thing from virtuous and the church was under relentless attack for her supposed lack of sophistication and fanatical devotion to the crucified Christ.

Paul boldly addressed moral and ethical deterioration and called for a radical departure from the impotence of man’s theories for the life-giving abundance of God’s design. Though ridiculed and abused for his teaching, Paul stood firm, unashamed (Romans 1:16) of the good news that Jesus Christ came to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28).

Like the apostle in his day, we have a profound opportunity now to carry the gospel without shame to all who live in our corners of the world. As Christ followers, we are broken yet hopeful couriers of grace trafficking in a wasteland of works. May the beauty and power of our message compel us to speak up with clarity and compassion, unhindered by the affliction  which might accompany our faithful delivery.

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